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Garage Door Openers Repair And Replacement

Garage Door Openers come with different features. There are belt drive and chain drive garage door openers which are the most common. Chain drive opener are less expensive than belt drive and for the main part operate the same. Belt drive garage door openers are very quite and are perfect for garages that are located under bedrooms. Our garage door openers are from Liftmaster, which is the professional garage door opener by Chamberlain. These garage door openers have different features including MyQ technology which allows you to monitor your garage door from your smartphone.

Garage door Opener Repairs on Most Makes and ModelsGarage Door Openers

Did you recently discover your garage door opener is not functioning properly? Garage door openers work a lot, in most cases that the springs are properly calibrated the opener does not use excessive force to open the garage door. In other cases although the garage door springs seam to be working properly, they may not be properly calibrated or over time loose their strength. Once this happens your garage door opener will work harder to open your garage door and may damage the internal gear.

Our highly skilled and trained technicians service a wide range of broken garage door opener brands. Let City Garage Door service your opener!

Other garage door opener issues may be that your garage door will not go all the way down. This is usually caused by a misaligned sensor or a dirty sensor. Before contacting us we recommend that you check the lights on your sensors. There should be two lights, one on each sensor and both should have a steady light, it does not matter what the color of the light is, try to align the sensors until both lights turn on. The second step we recommend is to clean your sensors with a dry cloth, if both these steps don’t solve the problem, give us a call and we will be glad to help you.

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